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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for Men

In this 1 day Men’s Hair Replacement training program, you will learn the art of fitting a men’s hair system. This system is perfect for covering the crown and recession areas for men who suffer from male pattern baldness. This a great course for those who offer barbering or hairdressing services to male clientele. Male hair loss is just as devastating as for females and men are becoming more conscious of male grooming and making themselves look good. Young men are suffering from hair loss and are looking for hair replacement systems that look realistic so no one will know they are wearing a hair replacement system.

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Training Kit Included 

Intensive Theory & Practical Training Schedule 
1 Day: Saturday 12pm – 6pm

Course start sates

January 19th
February 16th
March 23th
April 20th
May 18th
June 22nd
July 20th
August 24th
September 21st
October 19th
November 23rd
December 21st

Course Curriculum 

-Create a template for the men’s hair replacement system
-Customize any system to fit any area of hair loss
-Color match the natural hair for the hair replacement system
-Apply the hair replacement system correctly
-Advise on client aftercare
-How to remove the system correctly and safely
-How to clean the system after removal and the scalp
-How to prepare the scalp for re-application of hair system
-How to advise clients on maintenance appointments


The GTA’s Top Hairpiece Replacement Program

Why take Toronto Fade Master’s Hair-Piece Replacement Program? For many men, old and young, the prospect of losing one’s hair demands swift action. That speedy action often comes in the form of a hair-piece. A hairpiece is an investment, and it is also something that requires semi-regular maintenance to ensure it looks and feels good. There is always a need for professionals who can do the job correctly and safely; that is why our course makes sense.

What the courses teach you

Installing hair-piece costs anywhere from $500 to $1500, which means clients expect a lot from the service. The process is intensive and can take anywhere from an hour-and-a-half, to two hours. After completing the Hair-Piece Replacement Program, you will know how to:

● Clean and prepare the hairline
● Use special markers to draw-in the hairline to be filled in
● Safely and effectively apply anti-itch cream to the scalp
● Lay down the adhesive which will be used to secure the hair to the scalp
● Apply the new hair-piece and dry it to the adhesive

Being able to correctly, and professionally install and replace hair-pieces makes you a multi-faceted, sought-after industry professional. If you want to take your barbering, and men’s hair-care skill set to the next level in the GTA, get in touch with Toronto Fade Master Academy today and discuss our professional Hair-Piece Replacement Course.

Start Dates

January 19th, February 16th, March 23th, April 20th, May 18th, June 22nd, July 20th, August 24th, September 21st, October 19th, November 23rd, December 21st


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