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BARBER-CAMP™ Hairstylist Upgrade

BARBER-CAMP™ Hairstylist Upgrade


BARBER-CAMP™ | Hairstylist Upgrade

FAST-TRACK Program Duration: 3 Days (Intensive Theory & Practical Training)

Job Placement 100% Guarantee
Personalize your schedule according to your availability.

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Curriculum Outline:

DAY 1 Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm | Includes LIVE demonstrations
– Types of Fades & Hairstyles
– Theory of Fades®
– Modern Hairstyling
– Traditional Barber Scissor Fading
– Hairline & Beard Outline
– Traditional Straight Razor Shaves | Old English

Day 2 Monday 12 pm – 6 pm | Includes LIVE demonstrations
Practical Training | Hands-on

Day 3 Monday 12 pm – 6 pm | Includes LIVE demonstrations
Practical Training | Hands-on
Program Revision
Examination + Certification

Complete professional TFMA BARBER-CAMP™ Toolkit  SALE: $1,400 CAD

 2019 BARBER-CAMP™ start dates 

  • BARBER-CAMP 01 ( January 27th -29th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 02 (February 24th – 26th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 03 ( March 31st – 2nd)
  • BARBER-CAMP 04 ( April 28th – 30th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 05 ( May 26th – 28th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 06 ( June 31st – 2nd)
  • BARBER-CAMP 07 ( July 28th -30th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 08 ( August 25th – 27th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 09 ( September 29th – 31st)
  • BARBER-CAMP 10 ( October 27th – 29th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 11 ( November 24th – 26th)
  • BARBER-CAMP 12 ( December 29th – 31st)

Expand Your Skill Set with BARBER-CAMP™ | Hairstylist Upgrade

Many people, before taking the BARBER-CAMP™ are under the false impression that barbering (the activities that take place in a Barbershop) and hair styling (which typically take place in a Salon) are the same things. This could not be further from the truth. While both require skill, training, and precision, the skill sets needed for each are entirely different. Being able to do both: that makes you a double threat.

Toronto Fade Master Academy’s Barbering for Hairstylists Program aims to take industry professionals who are either currently training to become licensed stylists, or who already are, and augment their stylist skill set with ones from the barbering world.

Doing It All

Many stylists are not used to some of the services that are typically requested in a Barbershop, and either isn’t confident in their ability to perform them, or don’t understand them altogether. This course aims to change that. Having completed the Barbering for Hairstylist program, you will be proficient at providing:

● All Types of Fades & Hairstyles
● Traditional & Modern Barbering
● Straight blade lineups with the asymmetrical approach
● Traditional straight razor shaves
● Specialized scalp and hair treatments, and much more

Don’t limit yourself and your development to just one side of the industry. Sign up for Orientation Day and find out more about how our Barbering for Hairstylists program can help take your industry and technical knowledge to the next level.

Start Dates

BARBER-CAMP 01 January 27th -29th, BARBER-CAMP 02 February 24th – 26th, BARBER-CAMP 03 March 31st – 2nd, BARBER-CAMP 04 April 28th – 30th, BARBER-CAMP 05 May 26th – 28th, BARBER-CAMP 06 June 31st – 2nd, BARBER-CAMP 07 July 28th -30th, BARBER-CAMP 08 August 25th – 27th, BARBER-CAMP 09 September 29th – 31st, BARBER-CAMP 10 October 27th – 29th, BARBER-CAMP 11 November 24th – 26th, BARBER-CAMP 12 December 29th – 31st


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