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BARBER-CAMP™ | Hairstylist/ Barber Upgrade Program


Payment Plans | Financing Available

FAST-TRACK Program Duration: 4 Days (Intensive Theory & Practical Training)

ACADEMY: (LIVE demonstrations)
Sunday + Monday: 12 pm – 6 pm Theory Training
Tuesday + Wednesday: 12 pm – 6 pm Practical Training

PROGRAM Duration: 4 Days
(Need a Barbershop Job?)
Job Placement 100% Guaranteed

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All students are required to wear the dress code:
(White shirt/ waistcoat (any color/ tie any color/ No joggers/ any color jeans and sneakers) All students are required to have a complete training toolkit by Day 3.

Pre-order the TFMA Professional Barber tool kit before the 3rd day.
If you already have tools, please bring them on the first day of the course for assessment.
TFMA Professional Tool Kit $1500: Tool kit list is ONLY available to registered students.

We provide practical training models for students during practical training.
We recommend that you bring someone you are comfortable with on your first day of practical training.

Course Curriculum 

DAY 1 Sunday Theory Training 
– Types of Fades & Hairstyles
– Structural Fading Technique
– Hairline & Beard Outlining
(Complementary Lunch included 3 pm)

DAY 2 Monday Theory Training 
– Traditional Hairstyling + Scissor Formation 
– Modern Barber Scissor Fading 
(Complementary Lunch included 3 pm)

DAY 3 Wednesday Practical Training 
– Complete Haircuts + Shaves supervised by our top instructors 

DAY 4 Thursday Practical Training 
– Complete Haircuts + Shaves supervised by our top instructors 
– Final Examination / Results
– Certification Ceremony 

Additional information

Start Dates

BARBER-CAMP 02 February 3rd – 6th, BARBER-CAMP 03 March 3rd – 6th, BARBER-CAMP 04 April 7th – 10th, BARBER-CAMP 05 May 5th – 8th, BARBER-CAMP 06 June 2nd – 5th, BARBER-CAMP 07 July 7th -10th, BARBER-CAMP 08 August 4th – 7th, BARBER-CAMP 09 September 8th – 11th, BARBER-CAMP 10 October 6th – 9th, BARBER-CAMP 11 November 3rd – 6th, BARBER-CAMP 12 December 8th – 11th


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