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Make the change you want in your life and become a Fade Master today! This Academy has created a strategic training system to simplify the intricate art of barbering/ men’s hairstyling by educating and giving you the best digital and hands-on training experience ever. Toronto Fade Master Academy has created four training modules that will prepare you for today’s dynamic and competitive Men’s Hairstyling/ Barbershop industry. We train all of our up and coming barbers to deliver the professional-grade, award-winning services our partner barbershops (Miami Fades) have become known. Here you will learn the A-Z, ins, and outs of men's hairstyling through six essential training modules - Beginners Barber Program, 1ON1 Barbering Education, Module I: Fading & Outlining Foundations, Module II: Primary Shapes, Module III: Shave Artistry, Module IV: Dynamic Disconnections.

Train by the Best in Canada

In 2010, this first-ever Fade theory was created by the founder (Dwight Murray) who has over 18yrs experience performing the traditional art of barbering. He is also the founder of the renowned chain of Barbershops (Miami Fades) located in Canada. He has trained over 2000 students and established over eight barbershops in Canada, that has created career opportunities for 90% of the graduates. Murray's educational background such as Aviation (Pilot) and Mechanical Engineering allowed him to create a training system with such accuracy and precision. Also, he has recently toured European countries such as England, Italy, Paris, Spain, and Greece studying hairdressing by some of the top hairstyling education institutes in the world. He believes if anything is measured and calculated correctly, it will create the correct structures and procedures. Pay attention to all the details in his teachings and expect great results.

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Barber Program


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**UPDATE** I’ve received an email from Dwight that I would be getting my kit . As promised, it was available yesterday for pick up. My assistant picked up for me today. I’m happy to move forward. Dwight, I wish you the best!Hello, Ive been writing you, asking about my kit. Its almost been two years and i have not received the kit i paid for. I no longer live in Toronto . Please let me know how you will be sending the kit to me. or the money for the kit. Ive been trying to email you about this and you tell me i can pick it up but then you don't respond with a time. But now i cant pick it u because i am not there. How can we fix this problem?I also just read your response to my one star. And now i am going to respond. I have proof that i was not happy with your teachings. i have letters. I am not being negative, i am writing from experience. This was not a good experience for me. I was in the program for one week before leaving. And i was honest with you about that. I left and found an amazing school that helped me and taught me well. I now just want the kit that is owed to me. Its been paid for. I wish you well. I mean no harm. And no doubt you have been able to teach others, i wish that was the same for me. Your class room is clean. People will love it here. But its not for me and there is nothing wrong with that. But i do need my kit! People are in fact interested in this kind of review because it is an Academy and people want to know students experiences. I hope to hear from you in a Positive Professional way.I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You know that i am successful in the industry and the negativity comes from the way you have responded to me in the past. I am know in the industry and have worked as a professional for 18 years with many editorials and tv shows that i have worked on over the years., Anyone can google my name is see my work and the number of celebrities i have worked with and continue to work with. They can see that i have won contests to become lead stylist for New York Fashion Week. I have Years to be happy about and continue to grow as a person and a professional. i came to you to update my services. Thats the truth. I have no regrets about leaving your class.I honestly wish you well. I do have positive things to say and would be happy to share. But i at least need my kit. Peace and love to you.
Eduardo Mella
15:06 10 May 19
Really enjoying my time at fade master as student. I have been into barbering for the last 6 months, but the last month i have learned a lot about cutting hair and about the newer ways of cutting it as well. They are very organized and the classes are very fun and interesting and our group is always helping each other and we keep in touch everyday on everything we do. I advice this experience to all the people who choose to do this as career job because it was very helpful for me.
Cosimo Commisso
10:16 15 Mar 19
Recently finished the theoretical part of the Ontario Barbering Diploma. Classes are very informative. 10/10 recommend to anyone who plans to have a career as a barber, because you'll be taught by the best barbers in Toronto.
Ali H
22:28 16 Feb 19
The Toronto Fade Master Academy is a group of barber experts and I'd highly recommend learning from them to become an excellent barber! Learn from the best in Canada.
Baljot Saral
18:46 12 Feb 19
Great service, precision and time to detail! Happy to have got a haircut from Dwight who is very personable and passionate toward his craft. I highly recommend anyone looking for these services. Top notch !
Matthew Missiha
16:47 12 Feb 19
During class session, we came in and got fades (low and mid), along with trimming on the top - from Clark and Dwight - the result was excellent. The work they did was exact and extremely clean; Clark definitely took his time to be precise. Dwight was super welcoming and very friendly - showed incredible professionalism. You can notice right away that Dwight takes his craft very seriously - the guy knows his stuff. The general atmosphere and overall vibe of the workshop were extraordinary.
Tam T
06:45 12 Feb 19
We came in and got fades (low and mid), along with trimming on the top - from Clark and Dwight - the result was excellent. The work they did was exact and extremely clean; Clark definitely took his time to be precise. Dwight was super welcoming and very friendly. The general atmosphere and overall vibe were extraordinary.
Tam T
20:59 10 Feb 19
I really enjoyed my experience at this school. I walked out with great knowledge of the industry and the chance to really establish a career in Barbering. Dwight, the founder of the school has such a passion for the industry that you can tell it through the work and lessons that he delivers. I would highly suggest this academy for anyone looking for an exciting new career in the Barbering field.
Kirsty Sabovitch
03:20 10 Feb 19
I’ve been attending this school for a couple weeks now going into the practical part of the class and I must say I am very impressed by the organization and theory thus far learned within this course. Great atmosphere, happy to be apart of this program and looking forward to more practical learning!
Aliya Tollis
15:46 29 Oct 18
My experience at the academy taught me much more than I expected going in to the barber industry. I feel I learned everything to be successful, and I gained some valuable inspiration from some incredible barbers.
Mike W
04:26 29 Oct 18
Excellent experience . Dwight and his team take their craft very seriously, with meticulous attention to detail. Dwight was very friendly and did a great job instructing the students.
Justin U
00:20 29 Oct 18
As someone who is in week three of the program I can say confidently that I made a good choice in picking this academy. The founder of the Miami Fades chain teaches the majority of the course while his esteemed barbers who were also taught through Dwight Murray demonstrate different techniques that will help differentiate those who learn at the TFMA versus anywhere else. I highly recommend bringing your business here.
Saba W
02:54 28 Oct 18
It was excellent. Dwight was friendly and knowledgeable. Wonderful experience. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about learning the art of fading.
Digo Studios
18:35 27 Oct 18
Art & Technique

Comprehensive Education

We’ve put together this site to give prospective barbers some insight into how and where they can sign up for course and placements and the different programs we offer. Our system is a comprehensive, intensive education in the art and technique of barbering, giving you all of the tools, you need to succeed as a barber/ stylist. Whether you have cut hair in the past or are entirely new to the trade, our range of courses and expert instructors offer something for everyone. Welcome to the cutting edge of men’s hair, welcome to the Toronto Fade Master Academy.